Infographic: The Rise of Luxury Student Accommodation

A month on from Freshers’ Week frolicking, students at universities up and down the country are now settling down after the initial whirlwind of new friends, a new city, and a new place to call home. But what exactly does this new home consist of?

Ian Harrington, building surveyor and fit out specialist at Eddisons, says; “Student accommodation is not ‘one size fits all’. There is now a wider choice than ever before when students choose their term-time accommodation; from traditional university owned cluster flats, to luxury city centre studios, however each of these comes with its own (potentially high) price tag.”

Eddisons have looked into what today’s students can expect from their accommodation. We consider what factors are deemed important when choosing accommodation, and how much the average student can expect to pay for the privilege.

From The Young Ones to the more fortunate ones, we present the current state of university accommodation and the range of students catered for. It seems there’s been a shift from digs to bigwigs…

Written by: Ian Harrington on Wednesday 26/10/2016

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