Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have queries relating to property auctions or you’re finding lease contracts difficult to understand, our Frequently Asked Questions section is designed to shed more light on common questions.

Why should I be concerned about leaving commercial property empty?

Vacant buildings are at heightened risk from fire, deterioration and criminal activity. The reputation of property owners can be damaged and relations with neighbours put under strain. In addition, insurance premiums for long-term vacant properties can often be high unless those responsible can show they have taken a broad range of sensible precautions. Owners and managers of vacant property have a ‘duty of care’ to anyone entering the building.

I’m leasing commercial premises but will be leaving it empty; is this my responsibility or the landlord’s?

You should inform the Landlord and Landlord and his/her insurer if you intend to leave the property vacant and unattended at any time. Ask the Landlord to ensure inclusion of such activities in the insurance policy and to consult you over any changes in the insurance policy terms.

What is RemoteZone?

We are delighted that we can provide RemoteZone as a service; the complete solution for remote property security. By installing a number of wireless PIR detectors which link to an secure onsite and tamper-proof control box, your commercial premises can be continuously monitored with any intrusion immediately tracked and signalled to the NSI Gold alarm receiving centre from which an instant response can be initiated.

In addition the remote login facility enables clients to remotely login to their alarm system(s) from any web enabled PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart phone to check the security status and history of logged events, helping to provide additional peace of mind.

The RemoteZone solution provides integrated and highly professional property security for a range of requirements including empty commercial premises, buildings awaiting refurbishment and/or properties at risk of theft of vandalism.

Are there temporary ways to safeguard an empty commercial property?

Safeguarding a vacant commercial property is of critical importance, particularly where the premises may be a target for intruders and thieves. Eddisons offers a complete solution for landlords to ensure they are compliant with the increasing amount of red tape surrounding empty commercial buildings. This service includes temporary monitored alarms, site clearance and monitoring, lock changes, signage, the placement of property guardians living on site under licence, and a number of other security measures.

Do I have to pay rates if my property is empty?

If your business property is unoccupied you may be liable to pay empty property rates. These rates are charged at 100% of your bill and begin after the property has been empty for either three or six months – but you should check with your local Valuation Office Agency.

How do I find out my Building Sums Insured?

Getting the sums insured right is a critical factor in obtaining a full indemnity in a timely manner. Eddisons has a team of chartered surveyors who can assess your property and advise on valuations for insurance and accounting purposes; skills we have gained through many years’ experience in the marketplace and through an extensive understanding of market trends and values.

What insurance protection should I have?

Your insurance requirements depend on the type of organisation itself. Every business has different insurance needs and these need to be prioritised. Some may be a legal requirement, some essential and some desirable. A discussion with an experienced broker will quickly ascertain your requirements.

What broader services do you offer?

We have in-house resource to provide a range of services including:
•Insurance valuations – both buildings and contents
•Claims support – hands on process for all claims, be they routine or major losses
•Vacant property insurance compliance – through our RemoteZone business we assist clients through a range of innovative solutions in dealing with vacant properties
•Property Guardians – security by occupation solution suitable for vacant properties that are capable of residential occupation
•Risk Management – access to network of risk management providers

Generally, insurance premiums are lower where good risk management features are in place.

Who would I deal with day to day?

Eddisons only employ experienced and highly professional staff who share the following core values:
• Entrepreneurial
•Ultra Responsive
•Client Focused
•Easy to work with

What makes Eddisons different to other Insurance Brokers?

As a specialist insurance team within Eddisons, we have a much broader understanding of our clients property and business issues than traditional advisors.

The senior team adopt a flexible ‘can do’ approach supported by access to numerous different markets and ensuring competitive cover designed to meet your needs.

Are any businesses exempt from paying empty property rates?

Yes, these businesses are exempt and do not have to pay empty property rates:
•those with a rateable value under £2,600
• those prohibited by law from being occupied
•those kept empty due to action taken by or on behalf of the Crown or any local or public authority with a view to prohibiting occupation
•those subject to a building preservation notice, scheduled as an ancient monument
•those where the person entitled to possession of the property is acting as a personal representative of a deceased person, as a liquidator, a trustee under a deed of arrangement or where the owner is the subject of bankruptcy proceedings
•where the owner of the empty property is a charity