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If you keep up to speed with developments in digital and website technology, you will appreciate that the way people browse the web is changing rapidly. With the advancement in mobile technology coupled with increased sped of the 3g network and the newly launched ‘superfast’ 4g EE network, people using mobile phones to browse the internet is fast becoming the norm.

Statistics show that within the UK, the use of mobile devices to view websites has increased from 1% of total traffic in 2008 to nearly 10% of total traffic in 2012. Further research by Morgan Stanley predicts that this trend will continue apace and by 2015 mobile web usage will be greater than desktop web usage.

When we re-launched our new and improved website at the beginning of 2012, we also acknowledged that an important development was to provide a mobile version of our website.

Development and testing of this has been ongoing and towards the end of last year we launched a specific mobile version of our website.

What Does This Mean?

When you visit the website, the site automatically detects how you are viewing the page. If you are viewing on a normal computer or Ipad, the full website will be displayed, however if you are viewing on a mobile device, the mobile version of the website will be displayed.

The mobile version of the website has been streamlined to provide the essential functionality for the interactive parts of our website, all of which are designed to display perfectly on a phone.

The key features available are as follows:

  • Property Search based on address or postcode
  • Filtering based on type of property
  • Location searching based on GPS Positioning
  • View property on a map
  • Email PDF details
  • Call Eddisons

One of the features which will be extremely useful for people using the site is the ability to search based on ‘use my location’. This will then detect the exact coordinates of your location and plot results based on this – effectively meaning that the property closest to you is displayed first.

Another feature is the ability to view the location on a map and then use the map function to get driving or walking directions to the property.

Finally, to make contacting us easier, there is the ability to press a ‘call us’ button which automatically rings the relevant department who can advise on the property you are interested in.

In addition to the functionality for our Commercial Properties, there is also bespoke functionality for the Property Auction section which will allow the user to browse the catalogues for our Leeds, Manchester, London and Dublin auctions and also view previous auction results, all whilst benefiting from the functionality highlighted.

For people interested in our Machinery & Business Assets auctions, they are able to browse details of auctions, request details to be emailed to them and click through to bid online for any auction being held.

We are confident that this additional development will further enhance the service we provide to clients, helping to make their properties or assets much more visible to the widest audience possible whilst making the ability for users of our site to find information quickly and in the most appropriate way.

This development will also provide a feature that a large number of our local and national competition do not provide.

To view the site for yourself, please visit on your mobile device.


Written by: Richard Roe on Thursday 03/01/2013