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Our team of experienced professionals have spent their careers in the development industry and are uniquely placed to help clients fulfil their aspirations.

Through our specialist understanding of transport planning and highway engineering we are able to identify potential issues in the development process at an early stage.

This allows us to offer clients the best advice throughout the planning process, whether at inception, design or into construction.

Our clients include developers, house builders, land owners, retailers, food and drink operators and healthcare providers.

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Our services

We offer a range of transport solutions across the United Kingdom for the private and public sector. These include:


Transport Assessments and Statements

We prepare appropriate documents to support planning applications, including Site Allocation Promotional Documents, Transport Assessments and Transport Statements. These are key supporting documents for any major planning application.

To support your project or planning application, these may include:

  • Access drawings
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Traffic impact analysis
  • Junction modelling
  • Accident analysis
  • Relevant policy consideration

We have a proven track record of agreeing cost effective highways solutions and matters, within a broad range of sectors. We have excellent working relationships with local highway authorities, allowing for elevated trust levels. Our transport and highways experience together with our complete understanding of the process, ensures that our clients receive the best possible advice and expertise.

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Travel Plans

To deliver sustainable travel and transport, planning proposals need to work in harmony with long-term strategies and processes. Working alongside clients and highway authorities allows us to create bespoke travel plans.

Travel plans are put in place to ensure that the appropriate measures can be introduced to provide sustainable transport to a development.

Our experienced team is on hand to provide you with the right solutions and to prepare comprehensive travel planning advice.

Our knowledge of the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) also allows us to undertake travel plan assessments in accordance with this standard.

The aim of this method is to ensure that a project fits the best standard for sustainability in regards to the design and building specifications.

Matching the compliance of the BREEAM assessment could be a crucial branch of your project’s journey and for demonstrating the sustainability of the development. Utilising our services within this area ensures that we can provide you with the highest level of knowledge, as well as progressing your application quickly and efficiently.

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Travel Plan Co-ordinator Role

Once travel plans have been implemented, the role of the Travel Plan Co-ordinator begins. Sustainable transport requires a constant evaluation of any changes to the development to ensure that aims are constantly and consistently met.

Our experience at producing travel plans, as well as acting as Travel Plan Co-ordinator, allows us to implement and deliver plans effectively.

The main duties and responsibilities of the Travel Plan Co-ordinator include:

  • Communicating effectively with local highway authorities
  • Agreeing targets with local planning authorities
  • Implementing travel plans
  • Interacting with stakeholders to promote sustainable development
  • Evaluating and reviewing the effectiveness and success of the travel plans

We have excellent long-standing relationships with local highway authorities, which allows our Travel Plan Co-ordinators to successfully conduct their role, ensuring best value for our clients.

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Masterplanning / Site Layout Advice

Efficient masterplanning and site layout is essential for the success and sustainability of a development.

Our focus is on taking into consideration all planning measures and operations that lead to the success of a project, such as:

  • Providing appropriate access design
  • Adhering to local authority guidance
  • Carrying out swept path analysis
  • Consideration of emergency access requirements

Our strong working relationships with local authorities and our high level of knowledge allows us to confidently work with clients prior to the application stage, ensuring the project can move forward with ease. We have a vast amount of experience within this service and our track record confirms this.

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Feasibility Studies

Transport is a key element of any development. In order to ensure a particular area of land can be developed for a specific use, providing a preliminary consideration of highways issues is a critical aspect.

We offer a preliminary site assessment, providing the information required for the next stages in the development process.

We offer comprehensive feasibility studies, which enable us to decipher:

  • How a development will be accessed by both sustainable transport and private car
  • Any transport challenges that may occur in the future
  • The levels of traffic within the area
  • Sustainability of the site

Our experience in this area has allowed us to work on a number of prominent developments and projects. We have the level of knowledge to complete feasibility studies for a range of different sectors and land uses. Our technical expertise is second to none, which gives all our clients the confidence to make evidence based decisions on the viability and potential success of a development.

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Junction and Network Modelling

It is vital that we can provide information to our clients on even the most complicated junction and network modelling. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of industry standard software.

Using the latest junction and network modelling software (including PICADY, ARCADY, JUNCTIONS, LINSIG, TRANSYT and microsimulation) allows us to determine capacity restraints of existing and proposed junctions.

Our technical expertise within this service means we can provide our clients with the highest quality information and guidance.

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Section 278 Detailed Design

Where off-site public highway junction improvements have been identified during planning, we can thereafter administer the Section 278 detailed design and in so doing provide a seamless transition from planning through to construction on-site.

Our experience in taking schemes from planning through to construction enables us to advise the client on the most cost-effective solutions without compromising the viability of the project.

We offer a comprehensive range of Section 278 highway detailed design services, utilising the latest software design tools in the highway design process including, PDS, MX, Windes, Civil 3D, PDS Sign, and AutoTrack.

Our detailed design services include 3D setting out, drainage design, signage design, road markings, construction materials, preparation of construction drawings, cost advice, project management and preparation of as built drawings.

We have vast experience in dealing with S278 public highway improvement schemes and over the years have built up effective working relationships with local authorities covering many different types of junction improvements including roundabouts, signalised junctions, pedestrian crossing installations, priority junctions, mini-roundabouts and cycleways.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote for assisting with your detailed design requirements.

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Expert Witness

We have excellent relationships with the vast majority of highway authorities throughout the country.

Our aim is to avoid the need for planning appeals, however, if and when that time comes, our extensive knowledge and experience in this area allows us to provide clients with first class advice.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with expert witness cases and we have an excellent track record of success at appeal. Whether you require our services for Written Representations, Informal Hearings or Public Inquiries, our specialists are on hand to provide you with the most relevant information and advice for your case.

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“Obtaining planning consent can be an uncertain process and transport is a critical requirement of any application. We have the technical knowledge and working relationships with local authorities to ensure that you obtain the most advantageous planning consent.”

Phil Wooliscroft

Our Sectors

We specialise in providing highways, transport and traffic advice to predominantly private sector clients across the following range of sectors.


Educational developments, such as colleges and schools, have challenges relating to access and movement and it is important that these issues are identified and addressed early in the feasibility and Masterplanning stages. This allows us to develop integrated transport strategies, ensuring the safety of the students and staff.

We have advised on a number of nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, as well as public schools and independent bodies. We have worked with the Education Funding Agency for a number of years, as well as assisting in successful bid and tender projects alongside clients.

Our expertise can aid developers looking for complete site builds to extensions and adaptions and we have the skills and capabilities to provide assistance for any education project.

Employment Use

We have vast transport and highways experience in developing feasibility studies and offering masterplanning advice for a range of different companies and many unique projects.

From offices to industrial developments, as well as warehousing distributions centres, our knowledge of requirements and our experience within these areas allows us to identify any potential issues and address them in early course.

We can help you plan for a brand new project or site, as well as offer advice on any development extensions that may arise.


We work with various developers and authorities within the health and care sector to produce effective transport planning solutions for our clients. Our experience spans over doctors’ surgeries, specialist health units, care homes and hospitals.

Each of these projects requires masterplanning and site layout advice to ensure that these developments are fit for purpose, as well as ensuring they provide sustainability for the future.

With many of these projects, there are a range of regulations and requirements to be met, which sometimes exceed that of other developments. Hospital wards and extensions will involve specific funding and clinical requirements.

For most health and care developments, there will be scope for future improvements and extensions; we have the skills and capabilities to ensure that any project is sustainable and future-proofed.

Our experience in this sector gives us a central understanding of the sensitivity and discreetness required to deal with these projects effectively.

Hospitality and Leisure

Hospitality and leisure developments often come with a number of transport and travel planning issues. Projects such as football and sports stadia require strategic transport accessibility, with a need to maximise sustainable travel, such as the use of public transport, walking and cycling.

We have gained experience through a variety of different leisure developments. Examples include conference centres, trampoline parks, hotels, and tourist attractions. Each project comes with its own challenges, especially in respect of pedestrian modelling and infrastructure.

Our focus is on ensuring that each and every project is handled with its individual needs in mind. This spans from the appropriate travel assessments and statements to the future of the development.

Our vast experience within the hospitality and leisure sector has allowed us to build strong and stable relationships with highway authority agents and local authorities. These relationships provide our clients the insight into how their project should be approached and the professional backing for their transport solutions.


We have a wealth of experience within the residential sector, from small scale projects to major sustainable urban extensions and new settlements, including student housing developments, social and private housing.

Our experience spans across the UK and we have excellent relationships with professional highways officers all over the country, which ensures the smooth running of planning applications. Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds and ensures that, whatever the nature of the project, there is always scope for the development to grow and prosper, without being limited by transport arrangements or feasibility issues.

Our focus is on ensuring that the needs of the community are met in regards to access for all road users. We use the most up-to-date technology and planning tools to develop your project in the most cost-efficient way’.


Our experience in the retail sector has allowed us to build our knowledge and skill base over many years; we are proficient and confident in our abilities to provide expert advice to fulfil the requirements of any retail project.

From feasibility planning to junction and network modelling, we have the expertise to offer all areas of transport solutions to different types of retail developments. We have worked with a number of food and beverage groups, supermarkets, pub chains, as well as independent companies.

We understand that each development has its own particular needs in regards to transport and highways issues. Our formal Transport Assessments and Statements, as well as masterplanning advice, allows us to ensure that your development receives the most beneficial planning consent possible.

Roadside Service Areas

By using a range of different services, we can provide the support required for roadside user development projects, such as motorway service areas, fast food restaurants and roadside advertising.

We have the skills and capabilities to provide you with the most efficient transport strategy to ensure planning consent is granted for any development within this sector.

Town Centres

Developments in town centres usually present several challenges for transport solutions, and it is therefore important to have an experienced and knowledgeable team on hand to advise you throughout the development process.

Masterplanning is a key element within this sector, especially for access, car parking and traffic flow, adhering to local authority guidance, and our client’s requirements. Our experience within this service allows us to take charge and create the most efficient transport solutions for our clients.

We have worked on numerous projects within this sector, such as car parks, retail parks, shopping centres and regeneration projects for town centres.

We have a strong working relationship with multiple local councils and highway authorities, which allows us the confidence to work throughout the UK, providing our clients with the highest level of service.

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