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Now Is The Best Time To Relocate Your Business


The average asking price of London properties has increased which is the largest seen at the beginning of a new year since January 2008.

London sellers have increased the average price 3.6% to a massive £480,890 which shows an increase of £16,492. This will cause a problem for buyers in London trying to get on to the property market.

What this does mean though is retail property in Peterborough and Cambridge is increasingly better value. These cities are within a commutable distance from London which means not only is the property better priced but it means you can still continue business with other companies in London.

By relocating or starting your business in retail properties around Cambridge and Peterborough you can benefit from lower asking prices and rent, which means business’ can look forward to a higher annual turnover too.

The continuation of prices rising throughout London will make it harder for a number of people getting on to the property moment, not just first time buyers or start-up businesses but for people trying to expand their business too.

Have a look through our very reasonably priced Peterborough and Cambridge retail property and see what building suits you and your business.