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Suffolk Chamber set for 2021

Simon Burton, Director, Eddisons incorporating Barker Storey Matthews is Chair of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in Bury St Edmunds.

The following article is reproduced here by kind permission of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and a version recently appeared in the Bury Free Press.

As this is being written the UK and the European Union (EU) are in the final days of their negotiations over a trade deal.

Soon, we will all be, hopefully, clearer as to whether the UK has a bespoke arrangement with the EU or whether it will trade with the 27 countries under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.
In either case, things will be different for both businesses and individuals with regards to their interactions with the EU.
For Suffolk businesses, navigating the new arrangements will be made somewhat easier thanks to two trade business advisers who sit within Suffolk Chamber’s new policy directorate.
Koyas Miah and Mike Chapman have been employed by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce with funding from the Suffolk Public Sector Leaders’ (SPSL) group.
The SPSL has just confirmed that it will both continue with this important relationship and expand upon it as we enter a post-transition environment.
Over the next three years, this arrangement will allow Suffolk Chamber to support the continued strategic growth of Suffolk’s economy and business community and to support future local and regional business interests.
It will also allow the Chamber to expand the breadth and depth of what it can do to help Suffolk businesses and ensuring the team supports local businesses and fosters relationships with international markets.
They will also identify, encourage and foster relationships with EU businesses, provide tailored advice and support to Suffolk businesses looking to enter international markets, and protect local business interests which need to operate under the new rules following the UK’s exit from the EU.
In short, this opportunity will help the Chamber’s trade team promote and enhance Suffolk’s offer to the world, drive growth and investment and help local businesses navigate the new norms ahead.

Chamber research to date indicates that Suffolk exports nearly half a billion pounds per annum and it is therefore vital that we continue to support businesses from 2021 onwards.
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