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Ben Green, Barker Storey Matthews now part of Eddisons’ Cambridge head of agency, climbs on board to join the chorus
of approval for a new Cambridge South Railway Station.

Cambridge South Railway Station: all aboard

The first round of public consultation on the three sites for the proposed Cambridge South Railway
Station ended earlier this month (02 March). Just over a week later, the Chancellor of the Exchequer
pledged a funding boost to the project in the Budget Statement of 11 March.

Admittedly, events have galloped on apace since then to prove that, nowadays, overnight is a long
time in politics. But for those of us with business interests in the city, Cambridge South Railway
Station being more than a pipe dream is something we can hold on to in these turbulent times.

It is amazing to think that less than a decade ago there wasn’t even a Cambridge North Railway
Station. Very quickly, the ‘new’ station has become part of the transport and development lexicon
of the city.

Regardless of which of the three proposed locations stays the course for the eventual site of the new
South station, all three are on the same side of the tracks between Long Road and Addenbrooke’s

At Cambridge North, development of the surrounding area has followed the development of the
station. It’s chiefly in the form of CB4 ? spearheaded by Brookgate in the developer’s follow?on
chapter from CB1 around the Cambridge’s central railway station.

Whereas Cambridge South Railway Station, will be following the eixsting development of the
Cambridge Biomedical Campus, anchored around Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the new Royal
Papworth Hospital and the residential settlement of Trumpington Meadows.

Improved transport connectivity is never a bad thing for business. Just ask colleagues in our
Huntingdon office about the boost the improved A14 trunk road has given to the commercial
property profile of the Huntingdonshire district.

Cambridge South will be on the right side of the tracks for the ring of business parks to the south of
the city, including Babraham Research Campus and, of course, the very high profile Wellcome
Genome Campus.

With activity at both research campuses focused on bioscience, genomics and biodata, the
Chancellor announcing Government backing for Cambridge South Railway Station could not have
been better timed, given what’s has unfolded each and every day day since 11 March.

For more information about development opportunities in Cambridge, contact Ben Green, 01223
467155, [email protected]

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