How Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes (PPMPs) can help you better manage your property

Property managers, landlords and business owner-occupiers face an ongoing, and often unplanned list of maintenance of their buildings and property portfolios. Unplanned expenditure introduces additional risk, but by taking a few active steps, the process can be controlled more effectively to make managing property more predictable. This article outlines what Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes (PPMPs) are and how they can be used save time and money.

What are PPMPs?

Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes (PPMPs) are a common-sense and cost-prevention measure designed to get to the causes of property problems before they arise. They work by identifying the current and future maintenance needs of a property, to ensure it can be effectively managed in a gradual way – in a similar way to a car service or the old adage “a stitch in time, saves nine”.

Benefits of PPMPs

Planned preventative maintenance programmes are effective for property managers, as they help to understand the financial implications of maintenance activities for a building, or property portfolio. There are other benefits to with Planned preventative maintenance programmes, which include:

  • Identifying a suitable maintenance strategy. Many planned maintenance polices have evolved over the years and often do not reflect the occupier’s business or the current use of the buildings
  • Setting realistic budgets so that maintenance activities can be fully implemented without comprising on quality
  • Offering opportunity to smooth financial cost over a known period
  • Implementing an Asset Management System and keeping it up to date with reliable information
  • Monitoring maintenance activities to ensure best value and quality

Domestic landlords have a legal duty, under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, to ensure that the residential properties they rent out are habitable and safe. Specifically, the Act requires that the landlord is responsible for the water, electricity and gas supply to a property (and ensure that any gas fittings are checked annually by a registered CORGI gas engineer); that drains and plumbing function effectively; that central heating and hot water systems work correctly; that the electrical sockets etc in the property are safe; that the roof is in good order; the guttering, drains and exterior pipes are free from debris; and that the exterior walls, windows and doors are sound.

For commercial landlords, the onus of responsibility is on the health and safety of your tenants – the emphasis is on such issues as the safety of any electrical appliances on the premises, whether there is asbestos there (and how to deal with maintenance and repair issues safety in light of this), and ensuring that any gas supply entering the property is safe. Other duties of care include the general maintenance and upkeep of the property to ensure that it is ‘fit to lease’. The details of the lease you hold with your tenants will specify exactly what is your responsibility and what is theirs, so when you’re having it drafted, make sure you specify precisely what you are prepared to undertake – it may be that you do not wish to deal with fire safety or fixtures & fittings, so make it clear at the outset.

It all sounds fairly straightforward. However, if you have a property portfolio of more than one or two properties, regular maintenance can become an issue that’s difficult to deal with. This is where a PPMP can be of benefit. A thoughtfully-designed and -implemented PPMP will take the headache out of regular maintenance tasks and free up your valuable time.

It clearly makes sense, as some politicians tell us, to fix the roof when the sun shines, and this is a good maxim when considering a maintenance schedule. There are a number of apps available which, if you have a good network of reliable tradespeople, are organised and have the time to deal with such things, may be of benefit. However, for the majority of both residential and commercial property owners this simply isn’t feasible.

The Eddisons team can support you and has specialist experience in scheduling routine maintenance programmes and have professionally-qualified chartered surveyors with experience in all manner of frequently encountered issues – from asbestos removal to water leaks and more, on hand, 24 hours a day. This means that not only can you rely on them plan and deal efficiently with your PPMP, if the unforeseen does occur, your property will be safeguarded and repaired without delay, saving you time, hassle and money.


Written by: Paul Gagan on Thursday 14/03/2019