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Commercial Property Owners in Scotland Urged to Take Action of Energy Efficiency Planning


Commercial property owners in Scotland have been urged to take action to ensure that they are able to demonstrate how they plan to improve energy efficiency across their premises.

The warning, which has come from a team of leading Scottish property consultants, states that only a minority of commercial property landlords in Scotland are currently prepared for a new set of regulations which will soon make notably more demands of them from an energy efficiency perspective.

Incoming rules will demand detailed energy efficiency plans of the owners of any commercial property in Scotland that is larger than 1,000 square metres and being sold or rented out.

It is currently estimated that close to 70 per cent of all the landlords who will be impacted by the new laws are not currently compliant with the relevant legislation.

As well as being required to create a plan of action that outlines how a particular building will be made more energy efficient, landlords will also be obliged by Scotland’s new rules to submit relevant data on the subject to the register of Scottish Energy Performance Certificates.

Local authorities are expected to commence enforcement action against organisations that do not achieve compliance with the new regulations once they’ve come into effect across Scotland from September 1st 2016.

The advice for landlords who are set to be potentially affected by the new laws is to take pre-emptive action to ensure compliance comfortably in advance of the introduction of the legislation.

“It doesn’t happen in hours and weeks – it takes time to assess the building and look at energy output,” a spokesperson said.

“Really what we’re saying to commercial property landlords is ‘the time to act is now’.”

The Scottish Government has said that it is aiming through a variety of different forms of legislation to substantially bring down the levels of carbon emissions for which commercial buildings around the country are responsible.

It is estimated that these buildings currently account for roughly 40 per cent of all the carbon emissions generated across Scotland on an annual basis.


Written by: Steven Jones on Tuesday 17/05/2016