A day nursery approached Eddisons to value the building.  The nursery was well renowned in the area and a popular choice.


Eddisons RICS registered valuers surveyed the entire premises. Various measurements and features of the building were taken in to account for the valuation. Analytical reports were produced for the owners of the property where specific recommendations made.


The comprehensive report was produced in a timely manner and presented to the nursery. The valuers had spotted an opportunity  which was there was space for another 10 children to be registered as the rooms has been measured under the old OFSTED imperial rules. This resulted in the owner generating a further fee of approximately £100k per annum.

“Understanding the true value of your investments is critical in decision making. Valuing over £2bn of assets last year, our experienced and knowledgeable team are at the top of their profession.”

Anthony Spencer
Managing Partner