Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have queries relating to property auctions or you’re finding lease contracts difficult to understand, our Frequently Asked Questions section is designed to shed more light on common questions.

What areas do you work in?

Eddisons successfully services clients across the UK, through our network of offices and remote consultants. The Eddisons head office is in Leeds and we have a strong presence across the Yorkshire area. We also have offices in a number of other major towns and cities, including Manchester, London, Glasgow, Nottingham, Exeter and Bristol. With extensive national coverage, we work on projects across the length and breadth of the UK.

How much do valuations cost?

This depends on what is required and we can tailor our service to meet a client’s specific needs. Our fees take into account the size and complexity of the property (and business) in question and we welcome the opportunity to discuss this and your requirements prior to agreeing an appropriate and competitive fee.

How is a business and its assets valued?

Our approach sees a number of specific valuation techniques utilised, including depreciated replacement cost, for which detailed costings are analysed and applied to build up the capital figure. Other figures are taken into account such as obsolescence and particular consideration is given to the value of land element. All of these intricacies emphasise the need for a thorough and complex appraisal to arrive at the correct level of value.

I need a Red Book Valuation of my business and assets, can you help?

Yes, we are able to provide valuations that comply with the current RICS Valuation guidelines. We are proud to have an extensive team of fully qualified valuation surveyors who regularly undertake this type of work.

Who do you work with?

We provide a forward thinking approach to commercial and residential real estate valuation offering specialist advice for banks, building societies, property companies, institutional funds, family trusts, public sector bodies, major corporate occupiers and SMEs. Who can instruct us ?

Although the majority of our valuation instructions are issued directly by banks, we are equally happy to work directly for private individuals or their advisors (brokers, accountants, solicitors, etc).

What is RICS and is it important?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the pre-eminent organisation for professionals working in the land property and construction sectors in the UK and around the world. RICS regulation imposes strict professional, business and ethical standards on all of its members providing the basis for unparalleled client confidence in the sector. When you use a surveyor, it is reassuring to know he or she is regulated by a world renowned and respected professional body.

What type of valuation do I need?

At Eddisons, we provide different types of valuation dependant on your business needs. For example, we can provide valuations for tax, secured lending, insurance, accounts and pension fund purposes amongst others.