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PUBLISHING COMPANY Run from Home Throughout the UK. This specialist publishing company is a particularly lucrative business which produces diaries predominantly for churches, cathedrals and minsters at no cost to their ‘customers’ which are then sold to parishioners and visitors to their gift shops etc, making a profit for those churches. The business earns its revenue from advertisers such as funeral directors, taxi businesses and other local attractions etc that place adverts within the diaries. Annual Turnover £143,488. The business is run entirely from home without any sales visits which results in EXCEPTIONALLY LOW OVERHEADS and ENVIABLE NET PROFITS IN EXCESS OF £80,000 (ADJUSTED NET PROFITS IN EXCESS OF £90,000) on accounts for financial year ended 2019. Huge scope to expand by targeting more churches, schools, sports clubs etc. Although this is a very profitable standalone business, there is obvious potential for a firm of printers to bolt this on to their existing business which would boost profits even further – currently all their printing is sub-contracted. VERY PROFITABLE BUSINESS. FURTHER INSPECTION HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. EPC Exempt.



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